whitemouth moray bluefin trevally bluefin trevally fourspot butterflyfish w/others rare longnose butterflyfish rare longnose butterflyfish
whitemouth moray whitemouth moray bigscale soldierfish bluestripe snapper racoon butterlfyfish racoon butterflyfish
racoon butterflyfish Hawaiian spotted toby two-spot lizardfish two-spot lizardfish yellowmargin moray w/scar bluefin trevaly
arc-eye hawkfish antler coral red pencil urchin Hawaiian cleaner wrasse (adult) goldring surgeonfish Hawaiian domino damselfish
ornate butterflyfish gilded triggerfish yellowfin surgeonfish garden eels pinktail triggerfish pretty coral
pretty coral moorish idol moorish idol black sea urchin dive-buddy bigscale soldierfish
arc-eye hawkfish Hawaiian spotted toby ornate butterflyfish arc-eye hawkfish antler coral pearly soldierfish
pinktail triggerfish Mike and Lane common longnose butterflyfish Warren examining the coral big-eye emperor spotted eagle rays
spotted eagle rays spotted eagle rays blue-spotted urchin landing craft landing craft landing craft
landing craft redspotted sandperch redspotted sandperch sea urchin decoy scorpionfish decoy scorpionfish
stout moray green leaf scorpionfish small red crab green lionfish harlequin shrimp scorpionfish hiding in the coral
Hawaiian spotted toby yellowmargin moray cleaner shrimp Hawaiian cleaner wrasse (juvenile) Hawaiian cleaner wrasse (juvenile) grean leaf scorpionfish
whitetip reef shark whitetip reef shark whitetip reef shark banded spiney lobster bluehead butterflyfish pretty coral
pretty coral gilded triggerfish banded spiney lobster common longnose butterflyfish yellow tang cleaner wrasse (adult)
nudibranch eggs nudibranch eggs bluehead butterflyfish black sea urchin orangespine unicornfish bigboy whitefish
sea urchin rare longnose butterflyfish wreck green sea turtle green sea turtle green sea turtle
green sea turtle green sea turtle milletseed butterflyfish green sea turtle w/yellow chromis green sea turtle green sea turtle
green sea turtle milletseed butterflyfish frogfish frogfish frogfish wreck
wreck milletseed butterflyfish milletseed butterflyfish yellowstripe goatfish trumpetfish moorish idol
rockmover wrasse (juvenile) Hawaiian domino damselfish whitetip reef shark some type of nudibranch, I think chocolate dip chromis gilded triggerfish
red pencil urchin purple dragon nudibranch tiger cowries purple dragon nudibranch tiger cowry yellowmargin moray
yellowmargin moray yellowtail coris (juvenile) ornate wrasse octopus octopus Hawaiian spotted toby
hermit crab green sea turtle in flight Small crab on Johns hand hermit crab green sea turtle peacock grouper
moorish idol sea urchin manybar goatfish school of bluestripe snapper racoon butterflyfish purple dragon nudibranch
ornate slipper lobster ornate slipper lobster ornate slipper lobster ornate slipper lobster racoon butterflyfish urchin shrimp
purple sea urchin whitemouth moray pretty coral ornate wrasse ornate wrasse pretty coral
giant hermit crab giant hermit crab giant snail giant snail yellowmargin moray achilles tang
red pencil urchin giant sea clam pyramid butterflyfish Mike Severns diveboat (theyre the best!) bigboy whitefish pinktail triggerfish
stripedbelly puffer yellowtail coris (adult) hermit crab eyestripe surgeonfish multibar goatfish multibar goatfish
fire dartfish fire dartfish scrawled filefish ornate butterflyfish scrawled filefish trumpetfish
trumpetfish gilded triggerfish